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If you’re looking for a very lucrative business model to launch in the year 2022 as an online entrepreneur, you might want to consider becoming a digital information product creator.

Decades ago, when a consumer wanted to learn something, they either had to take classes about it or read a book. But now, regardless of what time of day it is, they can download it directly onto their computer and consume the information instantly.

Digital info products sell at a much higher price point than a book you might pick up at Barnes and Noble or on Amazon. Plus, you have the added ability to recruit affiliates to promote your product for you and add to your revenue.

Digital Info Products Are a Lucrative Business Model

So just how much money can be made from selling a digital info product? Well if you are unknown, have failed to network with anyone, and don’t have a list, it won’t be as much as someone who has taken the steps to make sure their launch will be a success.

When you go through the proper product creation and launch steps, you stand to make thousands of dollars in a few days. There are some info product creators who bring in four figures in four days, and some who bring in seven figures in the same amount of time.

What you need to be focused on is creating an entire line or library of info products for your brand. It’s not just about creating a single product to put out in the marketplace – it’s about developing a series that people will keep coming back for.

When you have more than one digital info product, the sales build upon themselves. For example, your first product may have been about how to create a niche blog. your second product might be about how to rank your blog for proper search engine optimization.

Months later, you release a new product about how to be an affiliate marketer. The people who come to your sales page and buy this product as their first product from you, will see your back list of existing digital info products and want to buy those as well if the quality of the first one they own is up to par.

You can also use your backlist of existing digital info products to build your revenue in other ways. You can use it as a bonus whenever you promote someone else’s product, or you can package them up and offer a bundled discount for a special occasion such as your birthday or a major holiday.

You can’t just quietly create an info product and list it for sale under the radar and expect it to succeed. You have to be willing to put yourself out there and build a buzz for your launch that helps you increase earnings substantially.

Choosing a Topic for Your Product

Choosing the topic for your product can be a daunting experience. Many people procrastinate and delay their launch because every idea they come up with feels wrong. They worry about the fact that the competition has already done something similar.

If you go look on the bookshelves of a major bookseller, you’ll see the same topic being done by multiple authors. Consumers like to have a variety of styles to learn from, and your insight and ability to lead your audience will be completely different from someone else.

Assuming you already have your niche topic, you will want to conduct some research to see what the top problem areas are for that audience. You may want to create a broad digital info product that covers everything as a whole.

If you do this, you won’t be able to go in depth with each subtopic. But that’s okay. You can have a broad overview of the topic with tips in it, followed by a series of in depth and targeted info products on each of the sub topics that go into detail.

For example, you might have and info product called Internet Marketing for Newbies. This would be a broad overview teaching them what it means to be an online marketer, and what opportunities are available to them.

Then, following up in your series, you could have individual info products on each of the topics that you discussed in the original course. You need to conduct some research to find out what the main problem areas are for your niche audience.

The first thing you can do is look at the marketplace to see what is already being sold in your niche. If you are in a niche like weight loss, you may notice a trend for one certain type of diet plan that you can start with.

The next place you can go, after looking at places such as Amazon, ClickBank, Warrior Plus, and JVZoo is to the forums that consumers gather at in your niche. In these forms, people often gather to discuss problems and solutions, as well as products they recommend.

Once you are finished gathering information there, head to a keyword tool of your choice to find out what your target audience is typing in to search engines to find information about.

This will help you compile a list of product ideas for your series as well as the outline for each individual info product that you will be creating. As you conduct your research, make sure you are making a mental note of the comments from buyers or prospective consumers who have felt that something was lacking in the products currently in the marketplace.

You will want to make sure that your info product addresses those needs. You can also make sure to add it to the bulletpoints on your sales page so that the audience knows they will finally have a product that delivers for them.

Media Formats That Sell Well as Info Products

After you have the idea and outline for your digital info product, it will be time to begin creating the content for it. You need to decide what media format you will deliver to your audience.

The two most prevalent media styles for digital info products are text and video. You will have consumers who complain about each one of them. Some people hate to read, and others hate to watch video.

There’s no way to please everyone unless you decide to create a hybrid info product, where you create a set of video modules and pair them with a text transcript in the form of a PDF download.

That way, there is something for everyone. However, this is a time consuming process, so you will have to factor that in when you determine your launch date and how much time you need to create your info product.

You also want to base your decision on what you are good at. For example, you may be a wonderful writer, but struggle with the technology or competence that is needed for the creation of video content.

Luckily, both of these media formats can be learned and improved by you if you are willing to take time to level up. But if you are not, you should pick the media format that you are better at.

The great thing is, you have the ability to polish up anything you create that appears substandard in terms of quality. If you want to create a text eBook as your digital info product, you can always create the content and then outsource it to an editor for the polishing process

If you are not good at creating video, you might want to record the audio portion and hire someone who can create the slides, intro and outro for your professional video modules.

Then, you can simply use a tool such as Camtasia or CamStudio and lay the audio file over the video one to merge the two. Always make sure that you check all of the files for quality control once they are complete.

You may also want to enlist the help of some consumers and give them a free review copy in exchange for honest feedback about what they liked, didn’t like, and what could be improved upon.

This will give you a chance to make changes or edits before the info product goes live to ensure you are releasing a top-quality product under your brand. You don’t want to put something on the marketplace that is deemed low quality because it will impact your future sales.

Pick Your Platform and Start Earning

The next step in your digital info product journey is to choose a platform where you want to list your info product. There are many different options available to you. Most people list their product on one of the top three digital product platforms.

The first one would be ClickBank, which has a digital marketplace in many different niches that affiliates can go to in order to find items to promote to their target audience. Or, you might want to consider JVZoo, which also has many different digital products in a variety of niches.

Another popular marketplace is Warrior Plus, which has an easy to use system and a knowledge bank to walk you through it all. If you don’t want to use any of these platforms, you can also choose something like Udemy.

All of these options allow you to have a built in affiliate program so that you can recruit people to promote your info product for you and they will get paid through the system itself.

You also have the ability to gain more attention being listed on one of these sites because they have top ranking pages where you can see what the bestselling products are.

This makes consumers want to own those products, but it also makes affiliates want to promote them because they know the traffic is being converted into sales. You also have potential to be listed on their affiliate launch calendar.

Although these options are nice for the added exposure, they’re not your only choice. You can also install a product such as AMember and launch the product through your own site, with your own built in affiliate system.

This may help you cut down on some of the fees that you have to pay, even though they are usually taken out of each sale rather than something that has to be paid separately. If you choose to simply put up a buy button through PayPal, without any sort of affiliate system, you will be unable to recruit people to promote for you.

Ways to Increase Earnings for Your Launches

You want to earn the most amount of money possible whenever you launch a digital info product. There are strategic ways you can ensure your launch will be able to maximize its revenue.

First and foremost, whenever you are planning your product launch, don’t stop with a single product per launch. You want to have a complete funnel in place that satisfies the consumer’s desire to get several good deals, and meets the requirement of the affiliate to be able to earn enough money to promote.

If you only have a front-end product for $9.95, must have filiates will pass up the opportunity to promote that 50% offer of commissions because it’s not enough to make it worth it to them.

However, if you have several upgrade options, which are higher priced at anywhere from $27 to $97, you will have a better chance of recruiting top affiliates. Just make sure that your upgrade offers are complementary to the front end product, without making it appear as if they must own it in order for the front end to work.

This is a common frustration for many consumers of digital info products because the vendor insinuates that unless they buy the upgrades, the entire system they just purchased on the front end will be worthless.

Conduct a bit of background research to find out who the best affiliates are in your niche and then approach each one with a personalized message, a link to your JV (joint venture) page, and a complimentary review copy for them to examine.

Another way that you can increase the earnings with your digital info product launch is to offer additional rights to the product. In most cases, digital content vendors simply release a personal use only license.

This means the buyer can only read, watch, absorb, and use the lessons that are taught in the course. They cannot share or pass them on to other people or claim them as their own.

However, in some cases, you will see a digital info product that has two options on the sales page. The first one is the usual personal use license. But the second one will be and upcharge that allows the buyer to own private label rights to the course.

When they own private label rights, they have the ability to edit and alter the course and put their name on it as the author so that they can resell it. They can’t resell it to others with the same private label rights, but they can sell it with personal use rights for others to read.

Earning money as a digital info product creator is rewarding when you take the steps needed to release a top-quality product that both consumers and affiliates will be satisfied with.

You will be building a list of buyers that you can cater to for years to come as you branch out and release additional info products as well as promoting your competitors who release those of their own.